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Our Story

Autism Home Network was started by a mom who has a boy with severe autism. As a single widowed mother to a very challenged child, she understands the huge demands of raising an individual with such challenges. Caregiver burnout is an understatement. Getting approved for respite and/or CLS services can be daunting. Actually finding someone who can handle your loved one's unique needs and issues is often times impossible. AHN has staff that are experienced in handling behavioral issues using foundations of ABA. Our team is trained to remain calm in every circumstance. The team has day to day hands on experience from working with challenged individuals in a specialized Adult Foster Care Home called Pals Place. Which is owned and operated by Todd and Lisa. The Care Team for AHN is hand picked based upon experience, performance, and overall disposition including integrity, honesty, respect, and trustworthiness. Individuals must be employed as a direct care worker for at least 6 months at Pals Place; the group home that specializes in caring for those with severe developmental disabilities before consideration as a “travelling Pal”. The team members are trained and certified in state requirements to be a direct care worker/respite worker which includes but is not limited to CPR/First Aid, Gentle approaches to behavioral issues, and emergency training via CPI Institute.  Additionally, our team has had fingerprints for a background check, TB tested, and physicals from a licensed physician.

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