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Q:  How much will this cost our family?

     A: Nothing. However, donations are always appreciated via our website and/or fundraisers. Although, we do not expect this at all, nor is this a requirement for receiving respite.


Q:  Where do you provide respite?

     A: Great question, this is individualized, and this is something that can be modified to meet your family’s needs. Mainly, we will come to you in your home, in a surrounding that your loved one is most comfortable with.


Q:  How far will you travel to provide Respite?

    A: Within the United States

Q:  Can I be there with my loved ones as we are receiving respite?

    A:  Yes, but the goal is to give YOU the caregiver a break and rest. However, every circumstance is different and we will work with you to meet your individualized needs/wants/desires. IE; You are receiving respite for the weekend, you would like to be present for the first day coming and going to keep an eye out and help with all parties getting acquainted. Once you feel comfortable, you would like to leave for the next day or after a few hours, etc. That is completely fine.

Q:  Can my loved one go into the community with AHN’s Care Team?

    A:  This is also individualized, many factors come into consideration. IE; the individual’s behaviors, mood, transportation issues, need for extra staffing in community, etc.

Q:  I really liked my care team, can I hire them for more help?

   A:  No. You will sign a contract that prohibits our care team from working for any of our families outside of AHN. If you need more help, just put in the request for Respite!

Q:  Will the Care Team be able to cook for my loved one?

   A:  We prefer that meals are written out and prepped for your loved one. The main goal of our team is to focus on your loved one, however, snacks and easy/accessible things to prepare are not a problem.


Q:  We have 2 family members, one needs respite and one does not, can the non-impaired sibling stay and help?

   A:  Unfortunately, no. Our insurance, liabilities, and training are based upon those that we care for. 

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